What to Expect

What time does your worship service start?

Sunday service begins at 10 am every Sunday morning.  Our Holy Communion is on the first Sunday of the month.

Come fellowship with us and experience the majestic power of God.

Where should I park?

As you enter our facility, you will be directed to an available parking spot on our front or side lot. For directions please visit our directions page.

Can I bring my kids?

Absolutely! We have excellent, well-trained children’s workers who have passed all the necessary background requirements. We offer a children’s church and they are encouraged to participate in our 3rd Sunday Service worship experience.

What are the services like?

Each service has a time of announcements, worship, Bible based preaching, praying, and offering!

How does the music sound? What kind of music do you play?

Styles range from gospel, hymns, contemporary, and more. Our aim is to please God through musical expressions.

What should I wear?

Most of us wear casual clothes at our services, although some of us dress up. We’d like to think you will be as comfortable in a T-shirt and jeans as you would be in a business suit

What if I want to become a member of the church? How do I join the church?

After God’s word has been delivered, our Pastor will “Open the Doors” to the church by an invitation to Christian Discipleship. Followed by an invitation to join our Mount Pleasant AMEC family.

You will be welcomed by our officers and congregation. You will be assigned a Class Leader who will guide and assist you as a mentor. Next would attend our new class (online), and lastly read in to new membership.

Join the body of Christ at Mount Pleasant A.M.E. Church

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